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"Ladies and Gentlemen, GREAT BRITAIN!"
[crowd roars largest roar of the night to welcome the home team]
Cut to the Queen…

"Ladies and Gentlemen, GREAT BRITAIN!"

[crowd roars largest roar of the night to welcome the home team]

Cut to the Queen…

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Show time!

1 day to go… (less than 24 hours!)

2 days to go…

Delphic - Good Life

Another Official London 2012 song emerges. Another song better than Muse - Survival emerges. (Seriously, I love Muse but Survival was total arse!). It’s good to see some decent songs emerging for the Olympics as music is what Britain does best apart from tutting and queuing. Like it a lot and would pre-order if it weren’t for Clarion Call being the B side. Great track but already owned. Oh and you should get this too, and the Chems track when it comes out.

you know that ellipsis is leading to a rant of epic proportions.

The Olympics still have around half a million tickets left to sell with the same number withdrawn completely? Well if it wasn’t such an utter cluster-fuck of complete incompetence and barriers in the process of getting the over-priced things maybe it wouldn’t be the case.

I said when the first applications opened that the method was nothing short of diabolical and irresponsible. I now stand correct. The entire process has been a total cake and arse party. I will say it again:

You EITHER do tickets by ballot OR first-come-first-served. If you choose the former you allocate the tickets and give the chance to refuse tickets which then go to the next applicant until it all rattles out and the remainder go back on sale. You get this out of the way early enough and you can then offer the more expensive tickets for free. YOU DO NOT HAVE PEOPLE GAMBLING THOUSANDS OF POUNDS!

No Olympics ever sells out but not by this much. Also the organisers flat lied that they were sold out. There are lots of people like me who are 300 miles or more form London that would have loved to have gone to the games and seen some events but travel and accommodation has to be sorted and you can’t do that for a reasonable price in 10 days. So LOCOG have actually denied access through this ticketing fiasco. Why they thought they needed to create their own system rather than looking to Ticketmaster and Wimbledon is beyond me.

I am livid. I wanted to go and see the park in action and see anything. Now I have had to resign to watching football in an empty stadium in Newcastle. I’m still looking forward to it but that’s not the point. I’m an optimist for these games but LOCOG are fuckwits.

Started work today with the Olympic Delivery Authority in the transport section. My job is to liaise with various people to coordinate test events to ensure all you lovely peeps don’t get too stuck when attending the games next year if something should go wrong.

Unfortunately I may well miss the big event as I will have just started uni (though to be honest I may skip uni and go anyway - lectures can be caught up even if they are the first ones) All very exciting.

What I am actually wanting to say is that a sitcom based on the exact organisation I am working for and set in an office very similar to the one I am in that previously aired on BBC Four starts on BBC Two tomorrow.

It’s called Twenty Twelve and follows the Olympic Deliverance Team (similar name huh) work through problems in organising the games. I’ve only seen one episode but it was brilliant - it involved pass card issues of the exact type I will be facing for the foreseeable future.

I think it may be very close to the bone for people in the office - luckily they all have a sense of humour!