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Bond music has always been great!

This is your new favourite band no-one has (yet) heard of, you just don’t know it yet. Go to their facebook page page here Triassic and Tumblr here TriassicBand and check out all their stuff on Soundcloud, YouTube and get downloading this first single demo. Oh and if you happen to be in the Portsmouth area get down to The Cellars and support their entry in the Battle of the Bands competition - they deserve it!

The beginning is the same as the beginning to this little ditty:


Ke$ha samples Blur’s ‘Song 2’ on new track?

Oh look first Rita Ora sampling Nneka/C&S and now Ke-dollar-ha sampling Blur. The Mayans weren’t talking about humanity, they were talking about music… which I guess makes Don McLean the messiah?!

Great Britain produces the best music and best live performances on earth. From Robbie Williams to Muse, Radiohead to Coldplay, David Bowie to Adele 14 of the best are on this DVD and it is a demonstration of how this stuff is done. Also cementing Glastonbury as the mother of live music it boasts 5 of the 14 offerings, Wembley is the location for 2 as is the Brit Awards.

Some people say Britain isn’t that great any more but I would counter that this summer there is no better time to be British. Our monarch celebrates 60 years of sitting through the national anthem every other day, the worlds largest sports day comes to our fantastic capital and music will echo about under all of these major events and even though Glastonbury is on a fallow year the other festivals (that have survived) are more than picking up the slack.

Between this DVD and the corresponding playlist on Spotify it highlights the enormous talent of our nation and it is time to stand tall and declare pride in Britain regaining its Greatness. Music doesn’t suffer in times of austerity which is why we can consider ourselves great as Music is Great Britain.

This is ENGLAND! You made Black Sabbath, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Venom, Motorhead, Def Leppard, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Beatles, The Smiths, The Cure, The Jam, The Police, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, Peter Gabriel, Kate Bush, Jarvis Cocker, David Bowie, Queen, Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Supertramp, The Chemical Brothers and The Prodigy; and if you are watching the X Factor after a resume like that, I’m just telling you, you’re a bit of a bastard!
Steve Hughes

Lets play a Game.

Who can name all 15 artists and 16 albums referenced in this banner from Sub4Love (linked so you can see a larger version if you wish). One of the artists has no specific album and one artist has two albums referenced.

Bonus marks if you decode the code in the bottom left.

Go on have a go!

OK, When I started checking this album out I was expecting to get bored half way through. It’s up there with the best. Just underneath them, but it’s bringing up the rear very nicely. Worth checking out.

8 years after their last album the Hartnoll Brothers still know how to do it. One track? Seriously take the album as a whole but New France (the single) is probably the place to start. Want to know what they are famous for? Start with Chime from their debut.



I’m in a band, dickheads.

We’re called Triassic and you should like us on Facebook because we’re better than you and have an awesome name.

Come, join the fanbase. Be a Trilobite.


They may have given their fan base a name to go by but ignoring that there is nothing uncool about this lot. They even have a female drummer! The other songs on YouTube are great too especially Eight Twelve Eleven. (Which took me a good 2 months to work out why it was called that - doh) 

Anyway, yea. Triassic. Check it.

PS sound is quiet in places due to loud bass - just recreate it in your mind and stop being picky!

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