Aspiring to be better and pretending in the meantime.
My Online Scrapbook.

Cliche ending

I’m off. I’ve moved to a new URL to start anew and actually make something worthwhile out of this blogging malarky. I’ve made mistakes here I don’t intend to repeat. The next blog will truly be a scrapbook and place to air balanced honest opinions and just try not to sound like every other person with an ‘opinion’ on the internet.

Goodbye everyone, feel free to follow the new account:

This blog will stop being updated in the very near future.

Sub4Love will continue as ever but may see archiving.

Castle MCR will be passed into the control of someone else or dissolved.

I shall be starting afresh following new, relevant accounts and putting out more constructive, worthwhile content.

I will post the details of the new account once it is set up and then that will be it for this account - even though the URL may go with me… we’ll see.

I may or may not publish an explanation for the move but suffice to say professionalism, past mistakes, certain individualsĀ and Tumblr’s technical shortcomings all fall into the equation.

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I’m not looking for attention or a response. I am venting because I am tired, hungry and fucking fed up.

I don’t want to live in these fucking halls any more. I am nearly at the point of packing up and going home to finish my dissertation. Most of the books I need I have to purchase anyway because Durham Library is an abomination.

I hate my room. I hate the location of my halls relative to everywhere. I hate the fact I am so far from home and for some reason at nearly 23 am getting homesick.

I hate not being able to get some peace and quiet when I want it. I hate the fact I am the only one who cleans the fucking kitchen and I have to do it twice a week just to keep cutlery in the drawer.

On top of that I fucked up my dinner tonight - and for the next 4 nights. I have no money to go out and set it right. Oh and on top of all that I have to find a job in a jobless market.

What fun.



This. ALL of this.


Roadie #42 - and a dozen film cameras - experience an amazing night in Montreal. Read the blog at

R42 you tease!

Spotted today, Newcastle’s very own all you (they?) can eat brothel.